Launched in 2003, to develop high-tech products for the beauty sector.

Bioglamour was the first to introduce short infrared rays combined with electro-stimulation to the Belgian and French markets.


MAGIC RED is quickly becoming a vital appliance, thanks to the results obtained and its ease of use, as well as its versatility and the meticulous skincare protocols implemented.


The company is quickly positioning itself as a leader on the international market, offering a range of effective products and equipment in the areas of slimming, beauty and general well-being.


The MAGIC RED appliance (which works with a combination of infrared and electro-stimulation) quickly became its spearhead. The results obtained by its customers have enabled the company to develop a network of partners and set the standard in the sector. The quality, reliability and skills of their teams form the basis for a strong structure.


In-house research and development for advanced technologies and avant-garde techniques allow Bioglamour to enjoy major partnerships with institutions such as the University of L’Aquila, in order to develop the company's own technologies and rely on these collaborations to develop cosmetics tailored to these technologies.


In 2005, the company introduced Depilgam, an appliance offering hair-removal and photo-rejuvenation, using pulsed light to enhance beauty.

In 2007 it released another advanced appliance: Exdream 1, based on cavitation.

In 2010, Exdream 2 was based on more recent research into cavitation waves.



The very specific attention to the needs of operators in the beauty sector, the opinion and advice of specialist doctors and close collaboration with them via regular meetings, conferences and training sessions have allowed the company to develop new technologies including the brand new MAGIC RED 2, a combination of advanced technologies aimed at overall body and face care. The perfect combination of technologies (chromotherapy LEDs, active infrared and electro-stimulation with biphasic square waves).




In order to enhance the results obtained and ensure their longevity, BIOGLAMOUR also produces ranges of specific treatments to suit all needs. Ranges of skincare based on the most recent and innovative studies and research into active ingredients such as staminal plant cells, hyaluronic acids - glycolic acid, kigelia africana, mucopolysaccharides, peptide complex, tea tree oil, caffeine, red vine, amino-peptide complex (plant substitute for the placenta). Their high concentration of specific active ingredients ensures unequalled quality and effectiveness.