...Initially, MAGIC RED II, acts via infrared shortwaves. This type of wave, having a considerable penetration into the tissues, is able to transmit its "heating" effect deep into the skin.

The temperature increase in the fat layer and on the orange peel skin has the effect of increasing metabolism and thus, consumption of energy in the form of calories, resulting in a significant loss of volume and weight.




...At the same time, muscle contraction induced by the electro-stimulator requires energy and therefore an extra consumption of calories. Moreover, the sectorial muscle contraction, permits a localized weight loss, not only in terms of pure calorie loss, but also due to the simple lipolytic effect (when a muscle moves, it requires consumption of energy, especially in the surrounding fat). Electrical stimulation enhances the lipolytic effect of the infrared via the direct consumption of energy, the division of the proximal lipids and the increase of base metabolism.


The firming effect of the device is induced by the same concept of electro-stimulation. The waves, as is scientifically proven, cause a rapid and significant improvement in tone and nourishment of the musculature. This passive work also permits something more notable; the perfect location of areas to be treated as the electro-stimulation also acts on thinner muscles that are not governable voluntarily.


...Benefiting from combined infrared and electro-energy, MAGIC RED II helps to reduce weight and volume by acting as much on energy consumption as on metabolic activation with active, non-aggressive effects on toning, the purification.




The great complexity and abundance of facial muscles makes active gymnastic exercise difficult. Electrical stimulation has the advantage of simplifying the working method and above all, permits the movement of the smallest fibres that are ungovernable voluntarily. These same fibres, the thinnest, which, linked to the skin, allow it to be nourished. The machine, thanks to its latest generation wave, enhances the sustenance and tone of the skin, working as it does on the motor points of the face.




The light emitted is selectively reflected and absorbed according to its spectrum. The light absorbed by the tissues has a calorific and photo-chemical effect.

The coloured light has a photo-lifting, tensor effect, promoting the synthesis of collagen.

The light significantly diminishes scars and stretch marks until they disappear, uniformly evening skin tone, attenuating capillary lesions, while also treating acne and inflamed skin. It thus incorporates numerous applications both for the face and the body.

Each colour has a vibratory wave that is capable of penetrating our skin according to its length, offering physiological effects.

MAGIC RED II benefits from these primary colours with non-aggressive, active effects for toning, purification, circulation and pigmentation marks. (See the table of facial muscle stimulations, and colour therapy).




The dual control panel and 16 application points allow you to work on the face and body simultaneously or 2 different programs simultaneously on the body.

Examples: cellulite thighs and abdomen and breast sculpture- lymphatic drainage of the legs and the oval of the face.

160 programs for effective management on all body types and shapes: from orange-peel skin, to water retention, atonia, or atrophy, from loss of facial tone to skin purification.

A method that is painless and non-invasive. FREE HANDS FOR THE OPERATOR




Treatment of orange peel skin, Weight loss in general, Sculpting, Localized slimming,  Sculpture of the silhouette, Lymphatic Drainage, Muscle toning, Buttock and Breast lifting, Stretch Marks - Scars, Massage...

Waist - Hips - Thighs - Buttocks - Legs - Breast - Arms - Buffalo Wings...




Crow's feet, Wrinkles around the mouth,Treatment of wrinkles, Remodeling of the contours of the face, Tissue firming, Skin plumping...

Active on toning, Purification, Circulation, Healing, Pigmentation Marks, Special Smoker's Treatment...



MAGIC RED II grants immediate results; visible and long-lasting