Magic Red benefits from energies accumulated by infrared light and by electro stimulation. Magic Red facilitates the weighty reduction by acting on the energy consumption and on the activation of the metabolism.


At first time, the increase of the temperature by the action of the infrared of Magic Red increases the metabolism and therefore, the energy consumption under forms of calories so contributing to the loss of weight and volume.


Synergy because at the same time, the muscular contraction led by the modulator with wave train requires an additional energy and of this fact an additional calorie consumption.  

The sector-based muscular contraction allows a localized thinning down, not only by the simple loss of calorie but also by the simple lipolitycal effect (since a muscle is in movement, it looks for some energy to be consumed, in the first place in the bordering fat zone). The electro stimulation strengthens the lipolitycal effect of the infrared thanks to the direct consumption of energy and to the increase of the basic metabolism.


The firming up effect of the device is inferred by the concept of the electro stimulation, the waves provoke a fast and considerable improvement of the tonus and the muscular trophie "so sheathing" the treated zones. The passive work allows the perfect localization of zones to deal by the precise application of electrodes, also acting on the finest, most not governable muscles voluntarily.


An extreme flexibility, 160 programs allowing an effective treatment on every morphology and type of silhouette: of the overlaid orange peel, in the hydric keeping back, the atrophy or the languor. Not invasive and painless method of work. CAREFREE HANDS.



Treatment of the Orange Peel, Thinning down general, Modelling, Localized Thinning down, Sculpture of the silhouette, Lymphatic Drainage, Muscular Tonicity, Push Up of Glutei and Breast, Massages




Treatment of lines and wrinkles,

Reshaping of the outline of the face,

Hardening of tissues, plumped skin

Wrinkles of the lion

Outlines of the eye

Nose Groove

Corners of the mouth

Oval of the face