The end of a dream, a new reality



Device for accelerated slimming, based on a new and revolutionary technology : cavitation.

Cavitation is a new low-frequency ultrasound technology which acts to reduce localized fat and cellulite: An effective, noninvasive and painless technology, that can helps to lose weight and dissolve fat excess.

Besides breaking fat, cavitation also allows a gradual remodeling of the body, a considerable change of cellulite look and an improvement of tonicity and elasticity of skin.



eXdream is a accelerated slimming device generating low frequency ultrasounds, featured by a targeted action. Its unique technology improves  hypodermic tissue and micro-circulation disorders.

It causes a rupture of adipocytes of the treated tissue, exploiting the mechanical effect of cavitation .

Using eXdream in every session ensures visible transformations both of tissue and body morphology, with a reduction of adipocytes in treated zones, and an improvement of tissue and micro-circulation. Its low frequency ultrasound technology allows a concentration of a predetermined amount of energy of adipose hypodermic tissues .


The haft by hand of eXdream device, placed on the body zone to be treated, sends ultrasound waves toward the targeted zone, causing a cavitation effect and forcing the adipocytes to deliver the triglycerides into the intracellular fluid.

The triglycerides will be quickly metabolized by natural metabolism process. 


eXdream is aimed to both women and men, and can treat all the excessively adipose zones .(see protocol)

Arms - Hips and Waist – Culotte de cheval - Love handles Inner knee - Abdomen - Buttocks – Inner thigh – Outer thigh Thighs - Calf


Quick and noninvasive treatment

IIt is a non-invasive treatment that does not require any kind of anesthesia... It allows  to resume normal activities immediately after the session.

A cycle of treatment generally contemplates, depending on the zones to be treated and the structure of tissue, 6-10 sessions (during from 10 to 40 minutes depending on the zone  (see protocol), within 7-8 days of each other.

Therapy : from 6 to 10 treatments (depending on the zone – depending on the trouble)


Visible results from the first session!

It is possible to observe  a decrease  of treated zones just from the first session. The whole therapy will cause a progressive reduction and elimination of orange peel skin. Furthermore cavitation effect  will make tissues more elastic, because it actives the revascularisation of treated zones and stimulates fibroblasts, which are  important to regenerate the tissues. So skin is nicer, more tonic and hardened !


A revolution  in slimming treatments

eXdream offers a real alternative to liposuction thanks to cavitation, an extraordinary technology,  that is now the only one to offer a painless and non-invasive technique, a fast and effective treatment  and immediate results!

Bioglamour always recommends a healthy lifestyle, balanced alimentation and regular exercise.




Dr. Philippe Blanchemaison*'s opinion


There are several methods to treat cellulite of legs besides liposuction, including creams among the less invasive methods. Therapists can choose among several methods. The choice depends on the type of cellulite that you want to treat and the wished level of action.


In case of adipose cellulite,  liposuction remains an excellent option, while cavitation is the best non-invasive method...

In practice, adipose cellulite is the most frequent, so cavitation is the most suitable method.


What's cavitation ?

It is the production of an acoustic wave which uses to propagate in a tissue, the more easily when the tissue is full of water, with a phenomenon of bubble growth within the tissue..


The right mix of optimal wavelength with the suitable lasting and spacing of pulses can selectively act on fat cells, with no side effects on bystander cells.


How to use cavitation in the treatment of cellulite?

It is needed to immediately realize that this is a method of adipocytolise, that is to say a method to obtain micro-cavities in subcutaneous adipose tissue, which releases the intracellular fat. This destroys the fat cells, but not the triglyceride molecule. Then the triglyceride passes into the bloodstream and must be eliminated by physical exercise.


Hence the protocol includes:

- The diagnostic phase to verify that it is a cellulite fat.

- Then it's necessary to estimate the fat volume to be treated.

- Secondly, we must consider, after each session, the exercise needed to metabolize the amount of fat mobilized with each treatment.

- Finally, in order to exploit every chance to take the energy released in fat, it is necessary to recommend the patients avoiding any type of carbohydrate before evening meal of the day before and breakfast of the day of treatment.


In conclusion, cavitation is a method that has every chance of imposing itself as a point of reference.

It could rejoin the very rare technique that have passed the test of time such as liposuction or lipomassage.



* Dr. Philippe Blanchemaison, phlebologist in Paris and author of books as “8 minutes par jour pour maigrir du bas” and “Vaincre la cellulite”.